Resource for product promotion

Promotional site is a specialized resource that is created to promote a certain product or product line, as well as for various promotional activities. Such a resource is created in addition to the corporate site and displays only information for a certain brand or for a certain product, promoting a broad informing the target audience about the qualities and benefits of the product. When conducting advertising campaigns, the website reflects all the necessary information on the event, such as the timing, conditions of the stock, discounts, announcements, etc.

Again, unlike a corporate resource, a promo site has a more rich design. Carried out in accordance with the corporate style, it contains a large number of graphic and interactive elements that contribute to better product visualization, and, accordingly, to better perception of its qualities by potential buyers. If you need to promote any goods of your company, you can use the services of iShopERP specialists who will create a promotional site that fully meets certain design and functionality requirements.


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