Enterprise Development Planning

Planning is a foreseeing of the enterprise development according to the most favorable scenario, calculated for a certain period of time. Without planning, it is impossible to develop a company, and, as you know, it is precisely targeted development that is a guarantee of increasing competitiveness and enterprise prospects in the future.

The state of affairs in the commodity market is constantly changing, and in order to carry out effective planning, information is needed, and it can be obtained through a variety of market research and analysis of the activities and development of competitors. In addition, it is necessary to clearly represent the ultimate goal of planning and the company's main priorities, as well as take into account possible changes in previously favorable conditions. Also, the head, whose task is to determine the development plan for the company, should have full and reliable information about available resources and market conditions.

Naturally, there is a need for prompt receipt of a variety of information from all parts of the company, from the marketing department to warehouses, which can not be done without modern technology. The introduction of the SoftERP system guarantees the creation of optimal conditions for planning and greatly simplifies the work of the manager at this stage of the company management, eliminating the need for paper red tape. All information is provided in electronic form and in a structured form.

Before planning, it is necessary to clearly define the ultimate goal, that is, to answer the question what the enterprise will produce or sell. From this follows the following question: what is necessary to fulfill this condition? Then, based on the analysis of available information, the capabilities of the enterprise are calculated, that is, everything that is available to fulfill the tasks set and what is necessary to implement such a development scenario is determined.

The planning system can be conditionally divided into five stages.

Drawing up the main strategic plan.
Definition of production plan.
Drawing up a production schedule.
Drawing up a resource needs plan
Produce the necessary purchases and control over the fulfillment of tasks.

Drawing up a strategic business plan involves determining the main goals that are planned to be achieved in a certain period of time. It is compiled on the basis of long-term forecasts of market development, and further coordinates the work of certain departments of the enterprise.

The production plan reflects the need for the quantity of products that must be produced or sold in a certain time.

The schedule is a more detailed breakdown of the production plan and includes certain tasks, the solution of which must be carried out at specified intervals.

The resource requirement plan is a document reflecting the enterprise's need to purchase the products or resources needed to fulfill the set goals, in a certain amount and at a certain time.

Particular attention should be given to procurement in the planning process, which must always be carried out in a timely manner and in full compliance with the available instructions. It is also necessary to constantly monitor the implementation of all assigned tasks, as well as verify compliance of the development plans with the available opportunities.


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