Modern trade

Trade is a type of entrepreneurial activity based on the sale of goods. The first attempts at trade relations were known even in the Stone Age. At that time, the exchange of material values ??was primitive, but it was he who was at the beginning of the creation of modern complex economic systems.

The process of trade has a specific nature, depending on the conditions in which the process of buying and selling. So, trade varies wholesale and retail. In the first case, the purchase of products is carried out for its further resale. In the second - the goods are bought for personal use. With wholesale and retail trade relations, the quantity of purchased goods also plays a significant role. The definition of the type of sales is most often based on the number of products, and based on the value of the order, pricing for this proposal is conducted. As you know, the more a lot of goods, the more discounts the seller is willing to offer. Therefore, wholesale purchase of a batch of products with subsequent retail resale is considered quite profitable entrepreneurial activity.

In addition to wholesale and retail, trade can be divided into real and virtual. In this case, the classification of the trading process is carried out on the basis of the method of selling the goods.

Real (offline) trading implies a traditional way of buying and selling, in which the buyer chooses the goods in the store and there he also conducts his payment.

Virtual (online) trading is carried out using electronic trading platforms - online stores. In this case, the buyer chooses the goods on the site and conducts payment using one of the payment systems.

With the advent of the Internet, virtual sales have become a more promising activity, because e-commerce does not require such significant expenses as opening a traditional store. This trend could not be overlooked by business owners, and electronic trading platforms became an additional opportunity to sell products in the presence of a regular store.

It is also possible to develop a company from a virtual store to a real one, in the event that the products enjoy high consumer demand for a certain geographical area. In this case, the organization in this area of ??a real store is quite feasible and cost-effective.

But in the main, real and virtual trade are complementary activities. After the opportunity to synchronize the work of all divisions of the enterprise with the help of the SoftERP system, it was quite simple to conduct simultaneous sales of products on different trading platforms according to the principle of operation.

First of all, the task is simplified due to the availability of a common information database, which receives the latest information from all departments of the company and can be obtained electronically in just a few seconds. This approach allows managers and other employees involved in the process of selling products to always know exactly how much goods are available in warehouses, whether there is a reserved product, whether there is a need for additional supplies and in what quantities.

In addition, trade is as transparent as possible and it is possible to obtain information about the status of each order at the current time. The SoftERP system is also convenient for managers, who can always evaluate the productivity of their employees with it.


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