Automation of enterprises

To date, automation of enterprises has become both publicly available and generally accepted. If before only special companies could use special software, because its installation was quite difficult and such a service costed accordingly, now business management systems are used even in small Internet shops. What are they so comfortable with? First of all, it should be noted that the maintenance of the staff of employees and the constant payment of their rates are much more expensive than the one-time fee for integrating the business automation system. Accordingly, there is considerable saving. Further it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of business processes. It is well known that the more complex a business process is and the more is available in the consistent implementation of certain tasks of human factor influence, the less the efficiency of this process. When implementing the SoftERP system, every business process is checked for efficiency by specialists, because if the sequence of actions was initially incorrectly composed and includes unnecessary tasks that can be simplified, it is not rational to automate it. In this case, automation is carried out only after the correction of business processes, which significantly affects their effectiveness.

Before you go into such a question as enterprise automation, you need to clearly decide what you need to automate and why. That is why the process of integration of modern software is conducted taking into account the direction of the company's activities and its specifics. After all, the same solution, even the most universal, can not fully meet the needs of all customers. Therefore, we can say that automation can be effective only if the process is carried out on an individual basis.

What is the main advantage of implementing modern software? First of all, it is the creation of a common database, in which information from all the departments of the enterprise flows. This approach opens full access to information that is necessary for the work of employees. Information can be obtained in electronic form in just a few minutes. But this is not uncontrolled access, where everyone can use corporate data. Access to the system is established depending on the competence of the employee and his position, that is, each receives only the information that directly relates to his field of activity.

So, a common database has been created, the main labor-intensive processes have been automated, and what is the result of such work? The first thing you can observe is full optimization of the work of all departments of the company. That is, time is spent rationally, all processes are dynamic and with constant high quality. In addition, there is a complete balance in the interaction of the company's units, which are able to quickly exchange information. Now, to get, for example, data on warehouse balances or fluctuations in the level of sales, you do not need to audit the warehouse and ask the management department. It is enough to open the user interface, go to SoftERP, and all information will be displayed for a few seconds.

Automation positively affects the operation of all business units, from the sales department to the warehouse premises. Sales are automatically recorded with all the necessary documents, new transactions are concluded, information about which is sent to the common database, and based on it, the following supplies are planned that can fully satisfy the customer's need, but do not overload the warehouse. And this is only a separate example of the interaction of units. In fact, there are a lot of such examples, and this is quite natural, because automation makes it possible to turn an enterprise into a single whole. All information about the state of affairs at the enterprise is reflected in real time mode, and managers can always observe both the work of a single employee and the work of the entire unit as a whole.

Exceptional opportunities provide such an approach to business leaders. Constant control over the work of units and current affairs is necessary, and managers can correct the functioning of departments not at random, but based on the received statistics, which fully reflect the company's financial status and sales dynamics.

The above possibilities are only a part of what the SoftERP system can do. If you are interested in improving the work of the enterprise, it means that it is worth consulting with our specialists.


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