What is an enterprise?

The enterprise is called the subject of independent management, which was created to manufacture products, sell goods or provide services that meet the public need. For products and services, an appropriate fee is charged, which is set taking into account the costs of production or provision, as well as other current costs associated with ensuring the operation of the enterprise. The difference that remains after deducting all the costs necessary for the functioning of the enterprise is the profit on which the development of the firm depends and the determination of prospects in the advancement in the commodity market.

Previously, the enterprise was a standard set of business processes, the complexity of which depended on the complexity of the production base itself, but in principle, until some time the concept of the enterprise was quite certain. With the advent of new technologies, namely the Internet, this sphere of activity expanded, and new types of firms appeared that could function without such familiar attributes as real retail space, office space, warehouses and an impressive sales force. Such an enterprise served a limited number of employees, and it is worth mentioning that, because of the reduction in costs to ensure functionality, the business of such a firm quickly went uphill. Therefore, such ways of doing business quickly attracted the attention of modern merchants, because when using the Internet it became possible not only to significantly expand the geography of sales, quickly find new partners or investors, attract new customers or organize an inexpensive but effective advertising campaign, but also start a new business " from scratch". And with this investment in such a new undertaking will be minimal, compared to the implementation of a similar project in real life.

At the moment, the word "enterprise" can mean both usual, traditional business, which is also called offline business, and Internet commerce (online business), the functioning of which is the use of the Internet to organize sales and other actions necessary for the company.

Are there any prospects for small business?
To date, many people have felt the instability of the economic situation, and this tendency was reflected in the owners of small enterprises, which became less profitable due to the deterioration of the financial situation of the population, and therefore, due to the reduction in the number of buyers. Accordingly, in order to maintain profitability, it became necessary to find the possibility of reducing costs and conducting activities to attract new customers and expand the target audience. Traditional offline business assumes in this case the reduction of staff and the expansion of sales geography, that is, the organization of new sales outlets, which are already mutually exclusive concepts.

In this case, the enterprise will on the contrary need additional investments that should theoretically pay off, but in practice everything is exactly the opposite. Such trends arise due to unreasonable confidence of owners in the popularity and demand for products that are not supported by relevant information. In this case, the enterprise expands haphazardly, without a clear definition of further prospects, which determines the initial failure of the undertaking.

As you know, any enterprise needs development, but in development it is purposeful. Therefore, the initial task of the owner of the enterprise is to obtain up-to-date information on the market situation and any changes in it, as well as changes in the situation of competitors. This information contributes to the development of a more promising business strategy that will allow the company to develop without unreasonable risks.

It is also worth mentioning the need to introduce new technologies. Of course, you can manage the company in the old manner, but then your competitors will bypass you in a very short time. The profitability of an enterprise in most cases also depends on the clarity and transparency of business processes, and one can not help noticing that some of them are quite complex, time-consuming, and require the use of a significant number of human resources.

An excellent option for simplifying the process of enterprise management without loss of quality is the system of automation of business processes SoftERP. After the introduction of such a system, the enterprise begins to work much more cohesively, because all units are able to quickly exchange information.

Is it worth organizing your own company?
In the presence of a good idea, the matter remains for its implementation into reality, and in this case it is impossible to do without specialists. As mentioned above, if for a functioning enterprise market research is an obligatory measure that allows to promptly correct the development process, then for the beginnings in the business of market research, its prospects are initially determined. If the competition is strong enough, then at first a small enterprise does not

But before drawing up a business plan, you need to decide what type of business your company will be towards traditional or e-commerce. The solution of this issue will depend on the direction in the form of activity. But it should be noted that at this time almost all types of activities can be actively positioned in the Internet, ranging from ordinary services to the population and ending with wholesale trade.

It is also possible to combine online and offline businesses. If it is possible to open a real outlet, you can organize an additional sales opportunity with a virtual platform. Such an approach is a win-win. The real outlet will satisfy the needs of customers in terms of its geographic location, the virtual one will simultaneously become both a trading platform and a means of promoting products regardless of geographic attachment. With such a business organization, an enterprise can get both a maximum profit level and inexpensive but effective advertising on the Internet.

How to make the enterprise profitable?
Proceeding from the foregoing, we see that it is not so difficult to start an own company with a good idea. It's enough to start right the right way, and popularity is guaranteed. But in order to raise the rating of the company and offer the customer actual and popular products, it is not necessary to start everything from the very beginning. In the event that there is already an existing enterprise in existence, which can not be called cost-effective, it is entirely possible to change everything for the better. It is enough to calculate the opportunities and options for development, introduce new technologies for business management, and in the shortest possible time it will be possible to notice a significant improvement in the positions.

The fact is that the difficulties in the work of firms often arise due to inefficient management. And how the manager can make informed and thoughtful decisions when he does not have all the necessary information, and if he receives it on demand, then after a sufficiently long period, after which the information is already losing relevance.

In order to manage the enterprise, it is necessary to have information about the state of affairs of each division of the firm at the current moment and reporting on activities for a certain period of time. Only in this case, you can clearly see the whole picture and make a decision that will improve the functionality of the company. Organize such information retrieval is possible only if there is a common database that will contain all the information coming from all units.

The SoftERP system makes it possible to implement this condition, but in addition, when implementing it, the basic business processes of the enterprise are automated, making its management more simple and effective. With the SoftERP system, you can find out about the availability of products in the warehouse at any time, calculate the need for new supplies, track the work of managers and other employees and determine its effectiveness, and take many other actions necessary for the company to work clearly and without failures.

Therefore, you can immediately say that the most profitable firm needs to improve and implement business process automation technologies as the only option for effective management, and any enterprise needs it without exception. It is effective management that ensures the smooth operation of all divisions of the company, and therefore the achievement of the highest performance indicators, which guarantees a corresponding profit.

Is it possible to organize an enterprise from scratch with a minimum of investment?

This issue worries many beginning entrepreneurs. Theoretically, any initiative requires funds, and the amount of investment depends on its type. For example, for the organization of own production, considerable amounts will be required, and it is quite difficult for newcomers to create such an enterprise in the business world. As for the provision of services, it also depends on the type of services. If this is a recruitment agency, you can get by with a minimum of investment, if this is a cleaning agency, then you can not do without purchasing equipment, accordingly, the need for investments is increasing.

But consider such a popular field of activity as trade. To say how much money is needed to open a sales outlet is impossible, because in this case everything is relative and depends on many factors. So let's consider the option with a minimum of investment, namely a virtual store. This company can work without real retail space, without a large staff, and even in some cases without a warehouse (the principle of dropshipping). Accordingly, there is no need to invest in buying or renting a room, allocating funds for its maintenance, paying bills and much more. Such a store can serve a minimum number of employees, and with the help of the SoftERP system, the main business processes are fully automated.

In order for the store to start working, you need a good functional website with an understandable management system. To create such a resource, filling it with content and subsequent promotion, it takes a lot of time, but not in the event that employees of SoftERP are engaged in this issue. The thing is that SoftERP practices an integrated approach, and regardless of whether you have an existing business that requires new solutions or you just want to organize it, your staff will be interested in your issue, which will significantly shorten the time for solving the tasks.

In conclusion, we can only add that the company with the implemented SoftERP system gets impressive prospects in expanding the field of activity, which is confirmed by a large number of successful projects and excellent feedback from our customers.


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