Accounting is at every enterprise, regardless of its type of activity and magnitude. The name of this industry in the company's activities came from the German Buchhalter, which in turn was composed of two words Buch and halten. Buch translated as "book", halten - as "hold". That is, this definition can be deciphered, as the ability to keep the books in order than at the moment and is engaged in accounting.

It should be noted that the effectiveness of the work of accounting depends on the efficiency of the whole enterprise. By itself, accounting is an apparatus for recording financial assets, which is reflected in the relevant documentation. This division is separate and can not enter into any other, because its field of activity is clearly expressed, and all actions for the organization of accounting must be carried out by competent specialists. Accordingly, the head of this unit can act only a person with an accounting education, fully aware of all the intricacies of the department.

Quite often, due to the fact that accounting activities are given insufficient importance, this department starts to do not the work that is needed. In most cases, accountants have to re-issue invoices or incorrectly composed shipping documents several times and engage in such a work, the excess of which is a direct consequence of the negative impact of the human factor.

The main problems of such a department as accounting are: late delivery of accounting and tax reporting, a large number of errors in documents, which leads to the need for their rework, a big paperwork, the lack of up-to-date data on most issues, the unstable work of the department and too much workload for individual employees with a minimum of work for others.

It is necessary to struggle with accounting problems, because only their elimination can lead to a well-coordinated work of the department, which as a result will allow achieving an ideal order in the documentation. There are a lot of methods used to eliminate shortcomings in the work of the department, but automation of accounting processes proved to be most effective. The introduction of the SoftERP system solves many problems in the work of the enterprise, including problems with the incorrect work of the accounting department.

First of all, during the implementation of the system, the analysis of business processes is conducted, after which their operation principle and effectiveness becomes clear. It is during the analysis that correction of less productive processes is performed and unnecessary actions are eliminated, which in most cases only slow down the process. Accordingly, the accounting department is already starting to work more correctly, because unnecessary red tape or the need for unproductive and unreasonable actions is being eliminated.

When implementing the SoftERP system, a common information base is created at the enterprise. Information that was previously prepared for the accounting department in paper form and often with numerous errors, which led to inconsistencies in the consolidated reporting, is now available in electronic form. The possibility of error is minimized, because most of the work is done automatically, for example, markups, profit counting and many other activities related to finance. Accounting as a result of this approach receives only the correct data, which eliminates the need to recalculate and rework the documentation.

As a result of the absence of errors, the employees are unloaded. If before the accounting department has paid enough time to correct errors, now these actions are not necessary, and besides accounting processes are automated, which again gives the opportunity not to waste time on routine work.

Using the SoftERP system makes it possible to automate the majority of accounting processes, provides access to up-to-date and accurate information from any part of the company, excludes paper red tape. Accounting can receive the necessary information within the shortest time without calls, inquiries and search of competent persons. Accordingly, the work of the department becomes as harmonious and effective as possible, which positively affects the functioning of the company as a whole.

As you know, accounting has a rather complex structure, and it is not easy for a competent manager to understand what, by whom and for what terms should be implemented. When using the SoftERP system, the supervisor understands this matter quite easily. The system allows you to monitor the work of employees and assess their productivity, so that it is possible to determine the contribution to the common cause of each individual employee without much difficulty. Accordingly, the number of useless for the company is reduced, because none of the executives will keep an employee in the state whose duties are performed by other employees.

But not only for such a department as the accounting system SoftERP will be useful. It is effective for automating the work of many departments, and it is with the integrated approach that it gives the highest performance indicators. If the accounting was previously automated and the system used is completely suitable for employees, SoftERP can be integrated into the accounting automation system without much effort. Such an approach will allow maintaining the usual operating mode of the unit, and at the same time automating the rest of the labor-intensive business processes of the enterprise to organize its most efficient operation.

This system has proven itself in the best way after successful integration at enterprises of various types and areas of activity. Its capabilities are quite impressive and open up new prospects for business owners, both in the production of products and in its implementation. At the same time SoftERP system can be used both for automating the business processes of a traditional enterprise, and for a virtual enterprise or for a combined sales system.


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