Accounting for fixed assets, intangible and low-value assets

Accounting for fixed assets, intangible and low-value assets, there is reason to automate because of the significant complexity of these tasks and the actual ability to conduct these processes without the active participation of employees. This area of ??functionality of the enterprise is a series of consistent actions necessary to reflect in the relevant documentation the actual state of affairs in the firm, this applies to fixed assets and certain assets. This list of necessary actions includes the accounting of receipts, depreciation, the facts of modernization, inventory accounting, transfer of assets, write-offs and other transactions. When using the SoftERP system, it is not difficult to automate these processes. Such an approach will positively affect the work of the enterprise as a whole and help to save employees from routine work. The accounting of fixed assets, intangible and low-value assets will be carried out automatically and in a convenient format. The opportunity to distribute funds accrued for depreciation between several accounting objects and use of schedules for objects that have a seasonal dependence is realized. Accounting for objects that have entered into operation and their cancellation is also automated.


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