Accounting for indirect costs

The SoftERP business automation system makes it possible to significantly simplify many business processes that were previously considered to be particularly labor intensive. The fact that not so long took a lot of time and attention of employees after the introduction of SoftERP is carried out automatically. Using the user interface, you can account for indirect costs in a few minutes. The handling of the system is not difficult. It is designed specifically for users with small skills in the field, and has an intuitive interface. In such an area as the accounting of indirect costs, various algorithms for their distribution are implemented. So, if necessary, you can configure the distribution options by volume, at direct costs, planned cost, labor or some other criteria. It is also possible to distribute direct costs by individual items. Therefore, working with the system helps to save time and keep documents in full compliance. Separately, it should be noted that all information on indirect costs is reflected in real time, which contributes to the most proper management of documentation.


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