Creating scripts for the site

The development of scripts is of great demand, because it is the scripts that specify a certain sequence of actions performed when the user activity on the site. The translation of the word script sounds like a "script", which fully reflects the principle of the functionality of this element. The development of scripts allows you to create programs that run on the server with certain actions of the client. An example of the operation of scripts can be given quite simply. When the user submits the form of sending a message to the guest book, after the push of the send button is activated, a script is activated which reads the information and sends it to the corresponding address, namely to the guestbook file. After performing this action, the same script sends a message to the user on the browser in the form of HTML code, which contains certain information and is displayed by the browser as text. It is possible to develop scripts to perform a variety of tasks, and the effectiveness of their actions depends largely on the skill of specialists. If the functionality of your resource is suffering due to the lack of necessary scripts, you can always contact us at SoftERP.


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