Goods turnover

Turnover is the total volume of products sold and purchased for a certain amount of time. From the activity of the company's turnover, profit directly depends, that is, the more goods were sold within a certain period of time, the greater profit the company received. Total sales and data for individual product groups are important indicators in the marketing sphere. Carefully watching the decline and increasing demand for products, you can determine its level of profitability and timely move to the implementation of another type of goods in the event of a decline in consumer activity due to lack of interest in the product.
Also, the turnover in the overall meaning of this expression is an indicator of the company's profitability as a whole and, based on information on sales volumes, it is possible to evaluate the efficiency of the firm's performance. Receive data on the turnover, both for certain categories of goods, and for sales in general, promptly and without delays, the SoftERP system allows. When using this software, it is not difficult in a short time to compile all necessary reports and provide them either in electronic or in print form.


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