Programming HTML pages

Web programming is a set of methods that allow you to effectively solve the task of providing functionality for the HTML page. By their type of programming technology are divided into client and server. The first technology involves entering in HTML code markup, which will be executed on the user's computer, the second implies executing code on the server to display the results in the browser window.

Web programming of the client type is performed in VBScript and JavaScript, which allows some interactivity of the HTML page, but this approach does not allow interaction with the database and the file system. Server technology is used for these purposes.

By themselves, these technologies have great complexity, and in order to achieve optimal interaction of all processes, you need significant knowledge in this area and a certain skill. If you need to increase the functionality of the HTML pages of your resource and ensure their response to visitor actions, consultations in this field and all kinds of help will be provided by SoftERP specialists.


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