Module module SoftERP "Salary" opens the possibility of full control over the calculation of wages for the corresponding amount of work done. With the SoftERP system, you can view all the information about the performance of a particular employee in a few minutes. When implementing the system, a common database is created and all information about the sales carried out comes into it. At the same time, not only the fact of sale is fixed, but also the manager who worked with this order. That is, it becomes possible to pay not for hours spent at the workplace, but for a specific result, because the performance of each employee is fixed. The module "Salary" allows you to get information about each employee, as to the number of orders and the time of their registration, the numbers under which they pass in financial documents, the amount for which each particular order was carried out, and the total amount of orders for a specific period of time. For a more detailed examination of the work of employees, you can get a detailed report that will contain such details as the difference between the purchase price and the sale price, the number of returned returns, the vendor with which the manager worked, and other similar information of value to the manager.


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