Document Journal

The "document log" module of the SoftERP system is used to control the document flow of the enterprise. Automation of this business process allows you to significantly simplify the management of documentation, because immediately eliminates the need for additional requests and clarifications and significant paper red tape. All documentation of the company is stored electronically in a common database, and if necessary, the competent employee can obtain the information necessary for him to work. "Journal of documents" contains information about the arrivals and expenses of the enterprise, the returns made, all incoming and outgoing cash orders, as well as other documentation related to the turnover of financial assets. Using the user interface of the SoftERP system, an employee with the proper level of access can perform all the necessary manipulations with documents in electronic mode. If necessary, any document can be printed. Functionality of the module can be divided into four parts - work with orders, work with the expense documentation, work with receipts and manipulation of documentation on turnover.


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