Accounting for settlements with counterparties

Accounting for settlements with counterparties is most convenient to conduct in automatic mode. But it is worth noting that it is carried out depending on the type of mutual settlements indicated in the contract previously drawn up. In order to keep records quickly and without errors, all information on counterparties is entered into a common database. When performing this action, it is necessary to take into account that several types of contracts can be concluded for one counterparty, according to which the mutual accounting systems can have a significant difference. Automatic accounting of settlements with counterparties is possible only if there is a common database and the introduction of special software integrated into the individual features of the enterprise. The ability to achieve the minimum flow over time while maintaining maximum process accuracy is provided by the SoftERP system. When using this system, you can conduct calculations of calculations with varying degrees of detail, including a separate settlement document or without binding to each delivery of a particular counterparty, which makes the system as easy to use as possible in traditional business practice.


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